How it works

This is a story of how Laila & Qays teamed-up on AimHigh.

Laila, from a northern town in Arabia, logged-in & defined her goals for the next 3 weeks (21 days).

adding a goal
A form for defining a goal. The intro shares the significance of the goal. The tasks are a list of steps to achieve the goal.

Once the goals were defined, she reviewed other user's goals, when she came across Qays's profile & goals. Laila sent Qays an invite to team-up.

invite cards of other users
The invite system gives an overview of other users profile, along with a summary of their goals.

Qays got the notification, reviewed Laila's goals & accepted the invite. Thus started the partnership, and a story for the masses.

Qays & Laila team-up
A glimpse of the team page.

Now Laila & Qays could see each other's goals & tasks as they checked them off.

Laila working on her goal
Team page is a dashboard of the team's goals.

They used the in-app messages & commenting system to share their story, discuss the challenges and adventures they had been on.

Exchanging messages with each-other
Users can communicate using the messages section or by posting a comment along-side the task uder discussion.

And the 21 days flew by. As they always do.

They both had an ally, a mentor/ accountability partner to thank for the productivity.