You have 3 weeks:

  • Break-down your goals
  • Team-up with another user
  • Work side-by-side & hold each-other accountable
team working together
typing up goals

Define Clarity

According to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, it is the non-clarity of a goal, that leads to procrastination.

AimHigh's solution: (AH.L) encourages user to break the goal into small digestible steps (tasks), to bring clarity.

Once started, each task has a timer (no penalty). And you have the satisfaction once the task is ticked-off.


It has been proven that teaming-up with like-minded partner is a productivity multiplier.

AimHigh's solution:

On (AH.L), a user gets to review other's goals before they team-up. This helps them decide who to team-up with. Each team is live for only three weeks.

search through community profiles
track progress and communicate with team-member

Track & update

A good team communicates.

AimHigh's solution: (AH.L) has a variety of tools to communicate effectively & efficiently. In app chat, live video work-sessions, kaomojis even!

At any moment, a team dashboard view shows what both team-mates are working on & its quick & easy to give feedback!

A note on privacy:

Safe-guarding privacy is important. This is one of the reasons, I decided to use Google to handle authentication. This means, that Google handles your Google Account security, and AimHigh never gets access to your password. AimHigh only accesses the minimal information from Google when you sign-up. If you have any questions, you can contact me via the Feedback form/ or using the twitter handle @kayote76820260.