About us

Salam (peace be with you). A number of months back, I realised what many have been doing since school days, that pairing-up with someone, is a productivity multiplier. Working along-side another person motivated me to work harder, with more focus & actually enjoy the experience. Upon realising so much later in life, I decided to try and integrate it more into my everyday life.

Aim-High is an extension of this idea:

For like-minded people to team-up for a 3 week sprint & work on their individual goals side-by-side.

Connect & learn from each-other along the way, whether it is time-management tips or what to have for lunch.

Be there for each-other. Sometimes, all we want to do is just say hello & have a brief talk.

achieving our goals together

If you are feeling brave enough to share a part of you with a stranger & embark on a short journey together as you both go about making the most of this life, this moment you have, then try this app.

And your feedback would be immensely helpful, just click on the feedback button.

Best wishes,


Salman Khan


Salman is the founder and the developer behind AimHigh.life. He previously worked in finance before learning to code. Since learning about the concept of 'Agregation of marginal gains', he has become a big proponent. His goals mainly centre aroung making tiny tweaks to his daily habits.

A thank you to:


Roshan was the first person I teamed-up with to test the live app. To give you an idea of what Rosh had to endure, he coined the term 'the ghost was here again', to imply that the goal editor has messed up the goals again. The 1st sprint was so successful that we teamed-up again for the 2nd sprint.


Sam has been instrumental in testing of the app. She is also the one who keeps coming up with creative idea to improve the app. Truly an invaluable contributor.